Holistic Grooming


At Grand Union Pets all grooming is holistic and carried out at our 'in-the-window' salon in Maida Vale. Cats and dogs of all breeds are welcome and we have a range of spa treatments available to choose from.

Please call 020 7289 5375 to book your appointment.

Grooming terms and conditions:

  • First time customers or those who have not used our grooming services for the last 6 months will be asked to pay £20 upfront which will be deducted from the total grooming cost.
  • Appointments can be rescheduled with 24 hours notice. There is a £20 cancelation fee for customers who don’t show up to their appointment or cancel within 24 hours of their appointments.
  • Dogs or cats with flea will be charged extra £8.
  • We will notify you when your pet is ready after the grooming. 
  • We do not take any responsibiliy for pets with ear infection, any skin conditions or disease.

Our spa treatments include the following

  • Two warm water baths
  • Fluff dry
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Gentle tooth-cleaning
  • Nail clipping and Pawdicure
  • Styling and scissoring to breed standards
  • Expressing the anal glands
  • A spritz of cologne


  • Small & medium dogs nail cut £10
  • Large dog nail cut £15
  • Cat nail cut £15
  • Expressing the anal gland £10
  • WASH & FLUFF Dry including wash, brush, nailcut, ear cleaning from £28 (depending on size and breed of your pet)
  • Full Dog Grooming including wash, brush, nailcut, ear cleaning, for tiny short hair Breeds from £35 (such as short hair Chihuahua)
  • Full Dog Grooming for Small Breeds from £45 (such as Yorkshire Terrier, Long hair Chihuahua, Pomeranian)
  • Full Dog Grooming Small/ Medium breeds from £48 (Such as Shih Tzu, Westie, Bichon)
  • De-shedding Treatment inc wash, nailcut, ear cleaning for small dogs from £28 (such as French bulldog, Pug, Dachshund)
  • Hand Stripping from £40 (depending on size and breed of your pet)

Our salon uses totally natural pet shampoos and conditioners.

Cat Grooming

Grooming cats is all about handling. When we have cats in for grooming, we make sure there is no dog around to create the most relaxing environment for them. There are always at least two people working on a cat and we try to do the job as quickly as possible in the most gentle way as cats patience has a limit.

Different cat grooming services are available depending on the breeds such as popular lion cut for long haired cats like Persian cats. Some breeds only need de shedding and scissoring. Cats grooming is included wash (if ok with water), nail cut (for indoor cats), ear cleaning, brushing, de matting, clipping and scissoring if necessary.

Why you should bring your cat to us for grooming?

  1. We are much cheaper than vets.

  2. We do not sedate your cat.

  3. We are stylist groomers. We listen to your instructions to get the haircut you want.

Cat Nail cut £15

Short haired cat full grooming: Wash, brush, nail cut, ear cleaning,de shedding and general tidy up from £80

Long haired cat full grooming: Wash, brush, nail cut, clipping and scissoring from £90

De-matting every 30 mins Extra £15



Quick Visits

You are welcome to book a Quick Visit if your pet requires, for example, nail clipping, ear cleaning or tidy up.

A Quick Visit starts at £10


Grooming is available Tuesday to Saturday 10 - 18:30

Please note grooming appointments ONLY can be booked BY PHONE on 02072895375 (NOT by email, facebook, etc)



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